Sunday, January 31, 2010

A few words explaining "NQE"

As you push forward and do that one thing…possibly that one great thing that can define your life, always remember: Never Quit Ever.
If you can’t run…walk…if you can’t walk…crawl, but whatever you do don’t quit. You may have to take a step back and reassess your situation. After you do, jump right back in and move forward. Don’t quit.
In many situations you may face, your mind will tell you that you can’t go on. Your body may also sign on as well and tell you that it can’t go any further. Don’t be afraid of the pain…embrace it. The pain is what is telling you that you are alive. Pain is your body’s way of ridding itself of weakness.
In sports there is a difference between playing injured and playing hurt. Being injured, means that you are physically incapable of continuing, i.e., broken bone, severe bleeding, shock, etc. In this situation you may have to stop. Being hurt on the other hand is just that…it hurts.
As I stated earlier, embrace that pain. It will make you stronger. It will steel your resolve and hone your character. If it doesn’t hurt like hell you’re probably not pushing yourself enough. Once you complete your given task you will sit back and be proud of your accomplishment in spite of adversity. Look forward to that and don’t forget. Never Quit Ever

Things might not be in any way similar to how you are accustomed. Whatever you do…stay calm. I am with you, whether I’m right next to you or am with you in spirit only, I am with you.
Prepare your mind to realize that you will make it. Most of survival is your mental preparation. This is much more important than if we had everything prepared and waiting for the worst possible scenario. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO GIVE UP. Life can be hard at times. When it doesn’t play fair with you, don’t play fair with it. Fight, Survive, Prosper, Be Great, and don’t forget…Never Quit Ever.
©2010 Neverquitever

Monday, January 18, 2010

A new beginning

Although blogging has been around the web for sometime, this is my first time into the lion's den. Perhaps calling it the Lion's Den, isn't what I truly mean. Actually I am looking forward to what this may bring for the future. A little bit about myself.

I am currently a man in my early 40's, married with three children. For the past three years I have been doing something that I have found surprisingly enjoyable...running. Considering that I am a man that has had struggles with my weight for most of my adult life, I have found this to be ironic.

Several years ago, I thought I would start running to do a local 10 mile race that we have in my hometown in August of every year. This event is one of the bigger events in the area and I knew few people that had actually entered. In that year, 2007, I did achieve that goal and completed that race with the support of my wife and family. Since that time I've been in two other 10 milers, a host of other 5K and 10K races and more recently my greatest running accomplishment to date, completing a half marathon in the fall of both 2008 and 2009.

Probably an even greater accomplishment is what these events inspired others around me to do. My wife, has done two 10 milers along with me and also completed her first half-marathon. My father in law and a few cousins decided to take the plunge as well. I have been so pleased with all their accomplishments and wish them the best as they strive for improved fitness in their lives. They are an inspiration for me and many others.

I guess I'll stop there and save some for next time. Until then...stay loyal

NQE (Neverquitever)